Anyone getting into the Christmas spirit ?

Well, that time of year is coming upon us and there's a CD from Mannheim Steamroller,Christmas Extraordinaire, that will get you into the spirit very nicely. This American Gramophone HDCD is one of the best produced CD's I have yet heard, and played through my inexpensive Sony DVP-NS500V it sounds wonderful.I bought this cheap on sale at Target.If you have a SACD player, this extraordinary CD will send goosebumps over your body.I wish someone with some technical savvy would tell me why a HDCD sounds so good through a SACD player.Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night...
I am in the Christmas Spirit year round. I find that really good Christmas music transcends the season.

A special favorite is "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen" performances by The Platters and also The Modern Jazz Quartet.

Another favorite is a CD entitled "Christmas in the Vineyard".

I agee with you regarding HDCD sounding great on SACD, but have no technical knowledge as to why.

God bless.
Kenny Burrell's "Have Yourself a Soulful Christmas"- I don't know if it is available on CD - and the Ramsey Lewis Trio's "Sound of Christmas" also probably just vinyl. Ella Fitzgerald has an uptempo/jazzy Christmas album as well that is available on CD. Happy HO HO!
Dean Martin Christmas CD the title escapes me now is a exceptional outstanding awesome recording I couldn't believe the recording quality. What the Hell happened to the recording industry,if they know how to do this quality how could they just throw it away and not use it. Anybody else notice nobody seems to do anything the correct proper way anymore?
ahh, lest you forget TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA, and thier making thier rounds once again...
ps: what is santa bringing you??
I'm not ready this early in the year. We do have about 50 or more CD's we keep rotating through the season. I can't even remember them all right now and I'm still unpacking from a move but will be happy to share my favs a bit later.

Thanks for the tip on the new Steamroller.