Anyone geard new Blue Circle FtTH Integrated?

Valve pre-amp and Op-Amps in Power stage.
Modwright and Patek in one package?

Has anyone heard this?
Impressions please!
WOW this looks like a cool integrated! I'm planning to test the waters with the mix of OP Amps and Octal tubes. From listening to 12au7 tubes and Op amps the sound was quite good. This integrated should have the speed and transparency of op-amps with the wetness of tubes. It is a very musical combination IMHO. I would think this unit would sound similar to what I've heard with separate components of the same mix. It would be great to read someone's impressions as well of this particular unit.
There is some discussion on the Blue Circle forum.
You can find it at this link.

I am one of Gilbert's Yeung's dealers, so if you have more questions, you can contact me if you like through the email system.