Anyone find the Linn Lingo too fast?

Or maybe the Lingo is too relentless. This doesn't always bother me, but is there a cure? Could it be my power cable(A Valab silver one)?
Do you mean, literally . . . as in the platter spins too fast, making the pitch too high? In this case, no. The speed for the LP12 still needs to be set in the usual manner, by adjusting the motor angle and using a Speedchecker or other suitable strobe . . . this is the same for ALL versions of the LP12, regardless of the power supply.
Kirkus, would this be the 50 or 60 year-old response? Just kidding. Thanks for the response. My only experience with a turntable motor was dropping it on an Ariston RD 11E(a loosening of the screws). This allowed the motor to literally pick up the platter and make it-along with the armboard-a closed system. It was the best sound I ever had(that's why Roksan's motor intrigues me). Unfortunately, it wasn't very stable. I've also adjusted(by ear) the Ariston RD 110's motor, so I guess that I'll give it a go. What I was listening to when I changed power cords on the Lingo was the sound(brighter, more detail, etc.), and I thought that might not be the way to do it with the Lingo.
Kirkus, would this be the 50 or 60 year-old response?
I think that's about the first time I've been accused of being a Boomer . . . and I'm not too sure how I feel about it :)

But if you feel that your LP12 sounds a bit bright or edgy, then the power cord to the Lingo is near the bottom of my list of things to check.
I started off with an Oracle Delphi MK-II in 1988 which I enjoyed very much. The rest of my system consisted of Bryston gear with Magnaplanar speakers.

In 2004, I upgraded my system to an all Linn system (including speakers) and in the process, I sold the Oracle and purchased a friend's LP12 / Valhalla combo which had recently been tuned up and upgraded with the Cirkus bearing. With prolonged listening, I found the LP12 / Valhalla combo a little "fast" and congested and found it hard to keep up with the pace of the music causing me to regret selling my Oracle.

In 2006, I replaced the Valhalla power supply with the Lingo (version I) which I purchased on eBay. Again, I found the pace to be a little "fast" to the point that it would bother me (again regretting my Oracle sale).

Finally, in 2007, after lots of research and listening, I sold the LP12 / Lingo combo and purchased a VPI Scoutmaster / SDS combo. I found this combo to be one of the paciest combos I've ever heard! I also found that the sound opened up (congestion was gone), soundstage was wider and deeper and the bass was more defined. I'm very happy with my VPI Scoutmaster / SDS combo!!!!!!
I find the Linn gear to be a little relentless and 'electronic' sounding in general, and boxy, and shallow and shrill. I feel much the same about Naim. Maybe I just don't like the UK gear.

I own an LP12 with a lingo which I absolutely love, but I put that sucker through many tubes, and speakers that are anything but cold and analytical.

If the speed of the LP12 gets you down maybe warm it up on the other end. I hope that answers to the question.
Thanks for all the information, and, in my case, Kirkus's placement of power cord in this discussion. While I haven't yet done a speedchecker, I've had some success in tweaking(by ear-who the hell invented 4 feet?!)my Mana Reference table(anyone care to post their setup instructions? They seemed to have disappeared.) Kirkus, you don't qualify as a boomer unless you can't retire. Does anyone else get suspicious of the stock market crashing at this time? How much does that save the government on Social Security, as people put off retirement. Agiaccio and Chashmal, those are good suggestions. Those looking at analog should read what they have to say about the lp12.