Anyone familiar with this player?

It's the Onix XCD-88. Looks, feels and sounds like a Music Hall CD-25. In fact, it uses the same parts, is based on the same Shanling S-100 the Music Hall is based upon. Same HDCD chip. Same Philips drive. Same op-amps. Same Burr-Brown dac's. Big difference in price though. AV123 is selling the Onix for $399.00.....$299.00 if your a member of Home Theatre Talk. Heck, hard to find a USED CD-25 for this price, let alone a NEW one. Anyone heard this player?
Here's a link for more information:
Hmmm. Looks promising - even worth trying for $400. You'd have a good transport for, say, a Scott Nixon TubeDAC if you didn't like the sound. For the price, you couldn't go wrong (IMHO).