anyone familiar with the sansui six

I have been looking at purchasing a sansui, marantz receiver, need your advice.
I have had both a pioneer and sansui receiver. If I was buying one today: NAD. VERY few receivers will sound as good as a decent tuner,pre-amp, power amp combo. With a receiver, if anything goes wrong with the (1) tuner (2) pre-amp (3)power amp; the whole thing goes to the shop. To be blunt, the sound quality difference between pioneer, sansui, marantz, yamaha, lux, sony, etc.,is just not worth the effort to shop and compare. Get around 100 watts/8 ohms, don't get features you will not use and remember the re-sale value of a receiver is not much. However; a receiver is better than any boombox or ipod. Everyone I know who put together their first sound system, started with a receiver. I got my Pioneer 626 in 1971. It still works. The only inputs were tape and vinyl. Now I have a tube pre and a class d power amp with cd input. Home audio is the never ending search for better sound. The only two (BIG) problems are technological limits and money. I do think NAD is a good choice, but I am sure there are others with other opinions. Good luck and enjoy the music.
I have a number of Sansui receivers, including a Six. It's a great sounding receiver. The sound is very nice, better than the Eight or Eight Deluxe, and better than tiny toy offerings like the Marantz 2015 (which I also have). They're rock-solid receivers, heavy, and very, very well-built. They sound every bit as good as seperates when used as originally intended, and with a fraction of the cost and space requirements. Sansui consistently leads with the best sound from a receiver; if it's functional, you can't go wrong. If you have the opportunity to pick it up, the Sansui 2000x is also an outstanding receiver for its size (not the 2000a).
Thank you for the response. I have been reading and trying to make up my mind on what to do. I currently have a 80's onkyo TX822 receiver that still works with my B & W
DM 110s. Would it be possible to use single drive speakers with my old receiver or let it alone and replace the receiver I have now with seperates?
Sorry for the delay, have been out of town.