Anyone familiar with the None-Felt Turntable Mat?

Hi, I would like to improve the peformance of my AR ES-1 and lose "static cling".Does the None-Felt perform as advertised?
Yep. In every particular.
I always try to avoid felt mat indeed.
Becides the statics you should probably clean the record when you flip it as well.
I use an Audioquest Sorbothene mat on my AR. The prior owner told me it was Merrill's recommendation.
I tried one out on my MMF-7 and the elimination of static cling is the only improvement it offered. By the way the material looks suspiciously like the refridgerator bin liner material sold in grocery stores. In addition it appeared to have been cut and punched by hand. It was slightly out of round with rough edges. Roy Hall of Music Hall recommended the Ringmat. According to Hall the Ringmat is to be standard issue on the new MMF-9. I purchased a Ringmat and I am very pleased with the fit and finish and it eliminated the static cling problem. The jury is out regarding any sonic benefits.
I purchased the donut None-Felt mat feeling the cost was so low I could try it without worry. It does sound significantly better than the standard felt mat Linn that came with my LP12. Bass is tighter and the midrange seems has more layering. However, it does have a tendency to stick to the record. i would recommend it. It does not work on my other turntable as the platter set up is completely different.
Clean your donut mat with inexpencive record cleaning solution such alcohol based Nitty Gritty and your records will not stick there.
Thanks Marakenetz
i used it for a time with my mmf-7, thought it was ok. but then decided to experiment with using no mat at all, and just putting the vinyl on the acrylic platter. im also using the clamp, and for me, the change is significant. much sharper highs, tighter bass. ymmv...
I use it on my Linn LP-12 and and agree with the observations of Dannylw. I also find that the presentation of music seems more transparent and displays more stable imaging than with the supplied felt mat. YMMV, but this mat is made for tables like the Linn and the AR. Other tables like the Roy Hall tables may not benefit from it. Incidentally, my mat did not seem to have the hole punched by hand.

I tried cleaning the mat, according to the manufacturer's instructions with dishwater detergent to remove the factory residue, but it didn't work very well. I will try the Marakanetz formula of using inexpensive record cleaning solution.