Anyone familiar with the Naim Nait-5

Can anyone comment on the new Naim Nait-5 integrated? Sound? Build Quality? etc?

Thanks in advance.
In my experience the Nait-5 is a very well built int. amp. The(system)remote is also useful. If I remember correctly,
balance could only be adjusted from remote. Also individual
input sensitivity could be adjusted from remote. There is no headphone jack. Only banana terminated speaker
wire can be used.(Naim recommends their Nac a5 wire) DIN interconnects. Sounds much stronger than rated power. Has
high resale value. There are many fine int. amps out there (Creek, Bryston, Sim Audio, LFD, Plinius, etc...) I suggest you find the one that has the features you desire and then audition within your own system to see it if makes your toes tap! Good Luck! Bill
If one does not need much power, Nait integrated amp sound is quite good. I was very impressed with the original Nait integrated amp (18wpc) about 15 or so years ago.

naim also offers an easy path to upgrade and tends to have very fine dealers.
Exciting listen but colored in the midrange. SOrt of made everything sound like classical music on N804's. Also did not have the power to drive them loud.