Anyone familiar with the Mirage 8

My Celestion sub blew out, grounding the internal amp. I need a new sub and would love to have a really small one as my living room is small. My surround receiver is NAD Viso 5, and my mains are Image concept 100 (monitors from Canada). The Mirage sub is $300. Is it a good buy?
I have the Mirage Omni S8 and think it's a great small sub. I had an well-regarded HSU 12" sub before the Mirage and found the Mirage sounded as good and was much easier to integrate smoothly with my main speakers. I've used it only for two-channel audio, not for movies, so I can't comment on its suitability for that.

It's got a good set of controls and accepts both high and low-level inputs. The retail price is $300 but it's available several places for $169.
If you can afford a Sunfire subwoofer that would be the way to go. *Tiny* with huge output. Big WAF, too...