Anyone familiar with the Dynaudio BM6

Please tell me your impressions of these small Dynaudio speakers,being monitors, would they be good for hifi applications? For a small room 12x22 (with sub,B&W AS600)
Owned a pair of the BM15P. Excellent speakers and did not need a sub. Used with a Manley Stingray Integrated.
Great monitors, however, since you are using a sub then I'd open up your investigation other designs without such a deep extension. (deep bass extension from minature ported speakers is generally a trade off in quality)

Also have you considered actives?

Comparsion of Active Monitors

Genelecs sound really sweet - they have pretty much nailed the midrange/treble over most monitors and image impressively. Although relatively weaker in the bass extension - you do get good quality limited bass extension but that is where your sub could do the rest....just a thought.