Anyone familiar with the cable company "Binary"

Just a general question, I'm currently using their Digital Coaxial Digital RCA. Not sure how I feel about it... :/
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Binary usually means on or off(1 or 0) and that's how I feel.
Binary brand cables are the "house" brand of cables offered by A/V supplier SnapAV, who sells to custom installers and dealers. They are good quality cables that are sold with a 60 day money back guarantee. They are aimed at being a high value line with better than average quality, but not really an 'audiophile grade' product nor is it targeted as such. They are comparable to other pro-grade cables like Belden, Mogami, etc. Hope this helps!
@Bill_k thank you that's what I was assuming. Sad part is I think I over paid for a 2 meter cable by a shop here on Long Island cause I was in a pinch, my fault I suppose.

Lessons learned...

Thank you!!!
Try an Oyaide 510 series digital. Pure silver digital cable with excellent shielding at a reasonable price.