Anyone familiar with the Audio Physic Avanti lll??

I've not heard these but some people have said they are quite wonderful. I hope to hear them in NYC this May at the show. Any comments????
I have listened to the Avanti III a few times at two different dealers while I was shopping for speaker upgrade. Its overall sound was very smooth. First thing I notice was the bass. It was fast, very fast. The musicans seemed to put in lots more efforts when hitting the drums (like having a sugar rush). But the bass did not go very deep. Organ lacked grandness. It did not sound thin, just not very deep. The mid and high were smooth, very easy to my ears. It was not as transparent or as detailed sounding when compared with the Martin Logan Prodigy, the Piega P-10, or the Magnapan 3.6R. Also, the height of the sound stage was somewhat limited and it did not have enough sound pressure for a large room.

What I described were relative to other speakers in the same price range. Avanti III is a fine speaker in its own right. Give it a listen. You might like it.
IMO the Avanti III is very competitive in it's price range and does many things very well. Speakers are so much about synergy and personal taste that an audition will be necessary ultimately but I would put these on your short list. My experience with the speakers has been one of exploration and the realization that as the rest of my system continues to improve they continue to improve. I suppose this is a testament to their neutrality and resolving powers. I have owned alott of speakers and these are certainly one of my favorites. The disappering act they pull is very addictive and leaves me wanting when I listen to other box speakers.
Adding to Sidssp, Avanti need lots of power to reach their top operating level. They need careful placement and prefer nearfield listening (IMO) -- although acceptable compromises can be met by just plonking them more or less in front of you (BUT there, deep bass may be lacking / lower mids may sound thin). I haven't managed to get low 30s hi 20s out of them at a friend's house.
Overall experience: impressive speaker.
I gave the Avanti IIIs a short listen this week in New York (too short to be taken very seriously) and found they had a wonderful soundstage but lacked overall coherence and one might say saturation or weight. They are beautiful though. During the same session, I listened to the JM Lab Mezzo Utopias and was very taken with them, beautiful soundtage, wide and deep, very coherent, adequate bass and beautifully made. These were much more impressive than the Avanti III IMO. I also recently heard the Wilson Sophias which are marvelous (much more musical IMO than the Watt Puppies) and frankly are in a different class altogether than the Audio Physic Avanti IIIs.

I currently own the Talon Khorus and will upgrade to the X version. I have really enjoyed listening to the Mezzo Utopias and Sophias and would enjoy having either them in my home as satified as I am with the Khorus. The Avantis are definitely worth a more extended listen, however, for me, I doubt they'll make the final cut.
I've heard the Avante IIIs a number of occasions. The driver and tweater did not integrate well, even after many hours of breakin time. Also, the speaker was not as musical as other speakers that I've heard in the price range.