Anyone familiar with the ACI Titan LE2 Subwoofer

I'm looking for a good sub to go with a second system - it needs to be fast and seemless, no bloating or thumping.

The system is: Marantz CC400ose CD Changer => Channel Islands DAC => Classe CAP-101 integrated => Linn Tukans.

I've tried the REL Q150e, didn't like it because I couldn't get rid of the thumpiness! Currently have a Stentor II on loan, which is alot better, still slightly muddier than I would hope for, though I haven't tried to optimize its position in the room. Overall I could live with this sub, but it's quite big, and too much sub for my needs.

The Titan looks real good, would certainly meet the WAF and has very good reviews, but I don't see it mentioned much here on Agon. Anyone with experience/wisdom to impart?
I use it's little brother, The Force (same electronics as the Titan), with my electrostatics. Sounds great! Both subs take more than 60 hours to break in. (Doesn''t sound great out of the box.) My entertainment room is not subwoofer friendly. It has a wooden floor with a crawl space underneath. I built a sandbox on points w/a concrete floating platform for the sub. Bass is tight and deep as can be - no boominess whatsoever. A friend bought the Titan based on my system - and loves it.
You can also get a stereo pair of The Force for a little more than the Rel Strata or ACI Titan II LE. I think with the standard oak finish it's $1550.
Peter, position is everything for a sub. Adire audio and REL have set up suggestions for subs. I suggest you give them a quick read. A bad spot will make even the best sub sound thumpy. Once you find the best spot for your room you should then do the evaluations.