Anyone familiar with Technics SL-MA1 turntable?

I bought an SL-MA1 turntable in 1988 (great looking and sounding with large rosewood base), recorded 40 lp's onto cassettes, and packed it away in storage while I spent the next 14 years overseas. In what appears to be a resurgence of anlaog fever, are these turntables still competitive in sound and are they worth anything these days? I just bought an Oracle Delphi MKIII and hope to sell the Technics.
I just traded a generic low-end DJ turntable for a Technics SL-MA1 a couple days ago and I am really stoked on it's excessive features and rock solid presence on my stereo rack! I used the DJ table as my home stereo table, which had it's obvious limitations and inconveniences, but, NOW I have a lovely table that does the simple things I longed for when my good ole' generic turntable was my only medium for cutt'n wax. I definately feel that the SL-MA1 is very relevant and I would venture to say that it is MUCH better than the average commercial floor-model turntable available today at your local Circuit Cyclops. The Rosewood is a nice touch and the whole thing is just so thick and manly. yum...I swear, they really don't make'em like they used to bud! ;o)