Anyone familiar with Scott Nixon tube dac?

Has anyone purchased (or at least heard) the small tube dac from Scott Nixon? Seems like two versions are available -- $350 and $450. I most curious if anyone has compared the Nixon tube dac to more mainstream tube dacs such as CAL Alpha or Kora Hermes.

Several other sites have had quite a bit of discussion about them, but I would trust it more if I heard it from Audiogon members.

Product info is at:
I have not compared these and the Nixon stuff looks intriguing as can be. From a totally practical standpoint, the dac of his without a buffer (I think that's what one of them is) is something you are going to have to be very careful of in terms of mating it to a preamp. The fact that it does not seem to be a full-fledged commercial product has its pluses and minuses. The plus--it is leading edge technology. One minus--how compatible is it? Good luck and let audigoners know if you buy one and what your experience with it is....
I haven't heard one either, but the buzz is definately there around them. I've got a couple questions into them about the tubedacs and based on the results will be potentially ordering one. I've currently got the CIA VDA-1 and VAC-1, which I like very much - but you know how it goes! I'm running a McCormack SST-1 transport to the CIA and then into a Sonic Frontiers SFL-1.
I picked up a tubedac. It arrived last night and I'm letting it burn in a bit. I should have some time next week to give it a comparison to the Channel Islands gear I've got already!
Of all info that I have read it's first rate.As another metioned you must be careful to match it with your equiptment.

I have a smART DIO DAC which I had to leave the output resistor values at 7v because I use a Passive pre-amp.

There is info at and SN will answer questions.

Would like someone to create a list of all these affordable DACs.The list is getting quite long.

Bel Canto

All are affordable and all should be listed with what their strengths weaknesses and compatibility issues are.I like the ART and will not change .It is a versatile little unit.

Good Luck!
Ok, it's been a month and actually I kinda forgot about this! However, I've sold the CIA VDA-1 and power supply if that give you any indication on how things went. Realistically, they were close - previously the CIA really pounded the Rega Planet, McCormack DAC-1 and EAD DSP 7000 MKIII. The Nixon takes it to the next level when it comes to realistic reproduction in my mind. Things sound more real, soundstage is fantastic, wide and deep. Tons of detail musicality. No "fatigue" either. For $350 shipped it's silly good. In fact, based on the cost of the EAD and McCormack it's silly good for $1200 too. I've swiched tubes to a Siemens E88CC - even sweeter! Email me if you have any questions.
I have Scott's tube DAC, as well as his power supply. This is fed from a Wadia 20. This is replacing my Accuphase DAC, so that should give you som e idea how good it is.

The image, and presence of the music is so dramatically 'right there' that it wasn't even close. It does take a few days to burn in and become smooth though, but thats normal for such things. Put in some CD with alot of dynamic range, turn off your preamp, and just let it play on repeat for 24 hrs or so and most of the initial harshness will be burnt off.

Almost a year later I am still amazed at this little giant killer.

John C.