Anyone familiar with Randall Research cables?

I have two pair of Randall Research Symmetrical TX Interconnects that I use between my Magus A-2 tube preamp and Muse 100 amp. These cables are directional with an arrow on each cable. I use the other pair between my Rotel CD player and my Magus. I will soon be upgrading to a Bryston 3BSST amp.

I know nothing about these cables. I got them from someone I bought audio equipment from in the late 1980's. Are these cables decent? Should I put time into searching out better cables? Anyone have any experience with them?
I owned Randall Research cables many years ago when they represented the current state of the art. I sold them and switched to Audioquest about 1984 and then in 1986 to Purist (which I still stand by).

The Randall cables are ultra pure copper and have Teflon jackets, no shield at all. They are particularly sensitive to picking up RF and EMI and occasionally induce AM radio programming into moving coil cartridges (assuming you live in a PROBLEM area).

If they work for you, ignore any perception of negative comments by me. They are probably as good as many cables made today for lots more money. If you like the tonal balance (not too bright) and they have no issue with RF and EMI in the part of town you live in, enjoy them and don't worry.
Thank you Albert for the very helpful information. I will take these cables seriously in response to your comments. When my system components are all in place I may experiment with other cables, but will give the Randalls equal consideration. It is good to know that they were top of the line cables.
I hope they work for you since you already own them.

A bit of background for you on the cables. Randy lived in Texas when these were being developed and during that time I spoke with him often. Later he moved to California to produce and sell the Randal Symmetrical TX line to his customers and I lost track of him.

He was a bright designer, the purity of the copper and use of Teflon was up there with the big guys, especially for the 1980's when many audiophiles did not believe "cables" made any difference.

Of course there are some audiophiles that don't believe quality of cables matter, even after all this time :^).
Anyone else have any comments on these? I have a very short stiff pair in a white jacket. Did that match yours (Jbcello)? They sound great to me! Anyone know what they are worth and would there be any buyers?