Anyone familiar with Plinius Koru?

Hi guys, I am trying to upgrade my phono preamp for my VPI prime. Until now I had been using a Graham Slee reflex M. Good but I think I can do better.
I was suggested the Plinius Koru. I would like to hear how it compares to Parasound Phono JC3 +, Allnic H1201, Manley Chinook and others in the price range.
My TT VPI prime/ Denon 103R in process of deciding upgrade maybe a Kiseki blue. I was told to sell the VPI and buy the rega RP10 since I come from a P5 DV 10X5 I used to love and I miss sometimes.
I want to maximize my analog setup to his best!
Thank you kindly for your time.

I have owned the JC3, the Chinook and the Allnic 1201 which was my favored phono of the three even liked it as well as the Steelhead but settled on the Allnic H1500 SE 2 and never looked back, love them Allnics. Both the Allnics are really special and the 1201 could be the end of the road for most, I know I could live with it in my system with no problem and the way it separates the instruments and puts air around them is marvelous. Carts used while these phono stages were in my home were, Shelter 901, Shelter 90x, Lyra Helikon SL, Dynavector DRT XV1s, ZYX Universe X and a Grace F9 Ruby with a Soundsmith ruby rebuild. Haven't heard the Koru but have heard good things about it. Tables used with these stages and carts were a VPI Scoutmaster w/ SDS and Perifial ring and later with my Prime with the SDS and perifial ring. After getting the kinks out of the Prime I really love it. My friend just bought a 1201 from Albert Porter in Dallas off Audiogon, new and got a really good deal. Good luck and hope this helps.