Anyone familiar with new Sim Audio Moon Rock amps?

These just got a very favorable review in a major mag.Anyone have any experience vs the usual competition!All feedback welcome.I may consider,at a future point,the TAD-1 loudspeakers,which I've heard and love.Currently running a 200 wpc Rowland 8t/with second chasis,housing the new switch mode power supply,as opposed to the previous battery,which I ran.I know the Pass amps are a nice choice for these,but the "warm" sound of the ROCK and the 1000 wpc may be a great match,as the Tads LOVE power.Any thoughts?

Best regards!
What is the list price for these monoblocs?
The Rock monoblock amps are not new to Sim Audio. They have been the flagship of the Moon product line since the launch in 2001. The recent article in the September issue of the Sterophile magazine is probably one of the few printed reviews of this amp. Check out the Sim Audio website for other reviews. I believe this amp is only custom order from Sim Audio. I am sure it would stomp my W10's but it out of my price range.
$37,000 per pair.
ok, only 37K.. is that in US or Canadian funds? :)
That's "if you have to ask..." funds :-)
I've heard them- they do stomp on W-10s, and they, in my opinion, obliterated the Musical Fidelity kW's - the Rocks has visceral bass, amazingly open midrange and highs that were lightning fast and detailed - it made the kW's sound slow, sluggish and seemingly "fat" by comparison. Problem is that the Rocks are huge - a massive "near-cube" as described in Stereophile, and I don't have space, although I can afford them. Compared also to the big Classe's, the Rocks were more articulate, fast, with tighter, deeper bass and a more three-dimensional sound stage. You have to hear them to believe them, but I think that only a couple of specialty dealers have them, but believe me, it's worth a trip to hear them.