Anyone familiar with McIntosh 122 Amplifier ?

Going to purchase a 122. Has anyone had experience with that model - good, bad or indifferent. Will be using C 20 pre-amplifier or an MX-110. Have 60s that need recapping so I'm looking at something newer while debating.
Not an expert here. But, I think it's a decent little amp. One of the first Mcintosh amps that I've heard. I'm now seeking an all Mcintosh set-up myself, If that gives you an idea of how much I liked it (I got a mc7100 now trying to figure which Preamp to mate with it). The MC122 only pushes 80/120 8ohm/4ohms respectively. So, it would be interesting to know what speakers you plan on pushing with it. The Set-up I Orignally heard it on was mated with either a MC41/42 (?) preamp, with a Sony ES 9000 DVD, and a pair of low budget Paradigm mini-monitors. Quite frankly, one of the sweetest sounding set-ups I ever heard (and I've heard a few). All the Audiophile terms apply with this set-up (Soundstaging, Air, Imaging, pace, decay of notes, just sounded more like the real thing).

Hey, good luck with your search. Please drop a review\ tread with mcintosh in the title once your set-up is comlete (I'll be sure to read it).

I think it is a great little amp. I have a Mc7100 too (with a C712 preamp - the best combo I have found to date for the price!) and the 122 is very similar in sound quality. The 7100 has balanced connections and a little more power over the 122 but the latter is still a fine amp. You will be happy with it if you don't need deafening volume levels. I would greatly suggest you pair it up with a McIntosh preamp. I have tried several other-brand preamps and no preamp at all and found that a Mc pre really does something unexplainably special to the sound. I love my setup. good luck! Arthur
I had a classe cap-151 intergrated with my Maggie MG12's and found my setup to be very bright. The room didnt help but was willing to try another amp just to be sure. Was reluctant to try the MC122, didnt think it might have the power for the maggies. I bought a C15 along with the MC122 and wow, I was pleasantly suprised. Very rich bass and warmth. Made the classe sound shrill and piercing! I have owned the MX110 and C20, IMHO I think a C15 will do a better job, plus the comfort of a remote and looks to kill when stacked on the 122. The older 110 and C20 just require too much maintence and everything needs to be checked for these units to be operating smoothly. Good luck!
i owned the mc122 & i thought it was 1 hell of an amp especially for the money.

as a matter of taste i found it to be one of the most musicial sounding mac amps ive tried to date.

Thanks all for the replies.