Anyone familiar with Exposure?

Have an opportunity to obtain an amp and cd player at a very good price. Any help would be appreciated.
It have very good press in Europe sometimes ago, I have considered it but finally bought Electrocompaniet ECI-2 (much much better)
I've got a Super XX integrated and love it.
Had an opportunity to listen to both of thier Titanium integrated and CD player
at home.

I think they are better at amps than digital. While I was throughly impressed
with their amps ( warmish sounding tune carrying amplifiers ),
CD player sounded rather vague as if it was trying to please everyone and
ended up sounding rather bland.

While the CD player faired better with its matching amp, no matter
what system it was in, it reminded me of its shortcomings. eg:
lack of resolution,uneven frequency transition, hazy midrange
along with ill-defined bass albeit it had a bloomy low end
authority that some might like. Digital dollar doesn't go far and
it's impossible to get all those in one player at this level.
BUT, some manage to *hide* 'em pretty well.

For my taste, Exposure amps are great from small integrated to the larger
amps. but, for CDPs, i think you could have done better elsewhere or
perhpas their older cd player might have been better than this new series.
excellent amp and cd....far more accurate than lots of other british brands whose lively attractiveness when you demo them will get old very quickly...the vagueness describes above is in my book a genuinely neutral playback....they also find the best in poorly mastered source material and easily mate with most underratted product line.....great choice.