Anyone familiar with Consonance mc steup?

There is an ad posted on Audiogon for a Consonance MC3 stepup transformer. Have not heard this device, or seen any reviews.

There seem to be very few options available for vinyl lovers. Besides EAR MC3, Bent Audio TX103, Shelter, and DIY projects using Jensen or other transformers, all of the suppliers seem to be out of business! Suggestions? I have a 0.5 mV Audioquest mc cartridge going into a Counterpoint SA-5.1 (66 dB gain on the mc phono stage),that is too noisy. The mm stage has 56 dB gain. Will 20 dB transformer step up yield satisfactory results?
I own one of those transformers, but I have never used it. My Koetsu Rosewood (0.4) plays well into my CJ preamp with only 41 db gain. The noise is very low. Perhaps you should check the tubes in the gainstage. The transformer is physically beautiful and extremely well-built, and it should give you all the gain you need.