Anyone Familiar with classic EMI speakers?

Any past or current fans of these speakers out there? Would like to know more about any of these that can be recommended. Thanks
I have a pair of EMI DLS 529 two-way speakers with the oval woofer and coaxially suspended tweeter. They are pleasant sounding speakers with a good mid-range and sweet but not overly extended highs coming from the paper cone tweeters.

When found used at thrift shops or flea markets. one or both woofers are usually busted. I have one additional set which I resurrected by transplanting the front board of a Polk Monitor 5Jr complete with original speakers after a minimum amount of trimming. Their internal volumes were identical. The EMI cabinets are attractive and well made with their walnut veneers and solid brass grill trimmings. I have also been impressed with their hand sewed quilted cloth inner damping material.