Anyone Familiar With CEC cd Transport and DAC's?

I was recommended by a friend to take a look at CEC cd players. Do any of you have any experience with this brand?

They make a transport for about $1200 and a one-box transport/dac unit for about $1500.

I am now running a Carver cd changer and I need to to upgrade...I have a $1500 budget.

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CEC (Sanyo) actually has that price range as well as way much more expensive transports ,that use a belt drive mechanism.It is a fine brand,I personally do not own a CEC unit.Take a look at Northstar M-192 too.
I owned a CEC TL5100 (model??) one-box player some years ago (the one that AudioAdvisor sold a bunch of). Excellent for its discounted price.
It still shows up here around the $600 mark once in a while.
I first got the Chord DAC64 and am using a Rega Planet 2000 as a transport. For amplification, I am using Conrad Johnson's CAV-50 integrated amp which drives a set of Totem Signature Model 1.

Adding the Chord added a whole new dimension to the music! As some reviews say, it is if I just got a new cd collection. It is amazing the improvement it gave.

I just added a CEC TL1, and I must say that the sound improvement was a bigger jump than adding the Chord. The soundstage is fuller, voices are more transparent, the highs are just so lucious, and the bass is fatter and controlled.

The music just flows much better. There seems to be a "wetness" to the sound. Just amazing combination i.e. TL1+DAC64!