Anyone familiar with CANTON spkrs

I used to own a pair of canton ergo speakers and really liked them. I am getting back into HiFi after some time. are They still around? And are they as good as they used to be?
They are everywhere in germany - naturally because that's where they're from. I would say they are the Mission of german speakers - only better.
Jrud, I used to have the CANTON system in my car(8 years ago), totaly love 'em, transparent, good image, averall tonal balance, hard to find car speaker act like Hi-End home speaker, and well forgiven my amp. great speaker but I'm not familier with CANTON home system (but auditioned some back then)I guess they should be great also. Regards, Rute.
Auditioned several pairs of Canton--absolutely etched, so accurate they were scary. The downside? I thought they lacked liquidity, but if you're looking for a tight sound these are your babies.
Yes, Check out Cantons website. By the way, which Canton Speakers did you have. I'm using the Canton Ergo 81 speakers. My friend has the Canton Fonum 701, which sound nice. [email protected]
Yes, I have a pair of Ergo RC-L. I have been listening to it for 1.5 years. Over all: Great speakers (for the money) Can it be better ?...Sure! IMO, It's a bet "loose" on the low end. Not as tight or deep. They claim 18-20 hz. I don't believe it. It probably goes to 35-40. It's detailed. Wonderful midrange. Great build quality but could use more heavy internal bracing. I would go with the Erg DC 122....This one is taller, wider and has 10 inch woofers as opposed to 9 inch woofers. It should provide with better bass and if you can get it internally braced by Canton or place a heavy object (i use sand bags of 50 lbs each) then your bass will get a little tighter. But these speakers are way too pretty for sand bags on the top!
The Ergo speakers are still around but the present models benefit from Vento technology - they are better than the Ergo speakers with which you were familiar a few years ago.