anyone familiar with aurios isolation

thinking of putting a set under my amp. can the amp be set on top of the aurios or is it better to put some kind of shelf ( maple or granite ) on top of aurios and amp on that? fhanks for any advice concerning this .
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also! you can try moving then around..try 2 at the back and 1 in front then reverse..there can be a difference in sound depending on the piece of equiptment..usual recommendation is the heavier part of the amp gets 2 and the lighter get the 1.Something you have to experiment with.
thanks for your response-are they easy to set up and do they improve the sound enough to even consider geting them? thanks
They are most definitely an effective isolation device, although they are not the only isolation device I use.

As for amp use, I currently have my amp stand spiked directly into four Aurios, also have my amp sitting on 2 Aurios on top of stand. Spiking the stand into the Aurios was a definite benefit vs. Aurios only under amp and amp stand spiked into floor.
this is an example of a metallic, hard object. its affect upon the sound is consistent with other metal objects. there is an increase in focus and a slight reduction in noise. i don't use them as i feel my stereo system does not need greater focus.