Anyone familiar with Audio Refinement?

I know that they are made by YBA...that is all I know.. thanks
Yes, I have had quite a bit of experience with their products and have always been very pleased. What do you want to know about them? HT? 2-Channel? Shoot away!

Here is a website with more info on them also.

I've owned a Complete integrated for a while, I just recently sold it. It was a great little amplifier, and I almost really regret selling it. It is made/designed by YBA. Their products, especially when bought used, are of great value. I stepped up to an integrated twice was the retail price, and there is no doubt in my mind that my new one is not twice as good. Good features, but it is budget minded. It had no pre outs to add a another amplifier. The remote was optional. Very good build quality, although they are made in Taiwan, if that bothers you. I have no experience with the cd player or the tuner. I know they are of the same build quality, but can't speak intelligently on the sound. Hope this helps.
thanks for your help...the jury is still out..
I have owned their integrated amp, CD player, 2 and 3 channel amps, DD/DTS processor, and 5 channel pre-amp. Needless to say I have been very impressed and pleased with their products. They produce some of the finest product at their price points.
From what i hear, they will be releasing a 150 wpc integrated sometime in the next few months. Might offer good bang for the buck and pretty reasonable power to boot. Sean
I have the complete CD and I like it a lot. It has a very warm sound and the build quality is good. It is a little bit light in physical weight but solid enough. It is a classy looking player though. The sound is not entirely neutral yet very enticing. It is a very smart buy new or used in my opinion. I have had mine for a year and I run it through my YBA Integre DT using the YBA Diamond IC. I will eventually up the ante and get a true YBA player but at this price point, I am very happy.

Before buying something else, give it a shot. There is a lot to like about this player. The YBA players are in a different league however and their pricing certainly reflects that. If you could swing $1750, I would buy the YBA CD3 used.