Anyone familiar with ART DI/O...?

Has anyone heard this little DAC- ADC unit? Am interested mainly in the ADC capability for archiving lp's. It sure sounds like a bargain for the price ($200.),and got a pretty decent review on Anyone?
One mod that I had forgot (included in the $140.00 mod mentioned above), included a socket for the D to A chip also, so that the chip may be removed during playback only, thus isolating the A to D circuit. That way, the digital outputs don't need to be shorted, etc. It also would reduce the amount of power supply drain to that circuit, which may have an effect on the power supply available for the DAC circuit.
Well, you guys have convinced me.

I just received an Email from Brian Weitzel about the mods, which prompted me to call ( Thanks, BrianW !!! ). For others that may be interested, the toll free number is 800-356-5844. They had the ART DI /O in stock and sold me one at $121.00 plus $10.00 additional for shipping, handling and insurance. Total of $131.00 and were glad to accept American Express.

Anyone wishing to view this product must visit the link I am providing below, there is no image or product info on line at fullcompass.

Even with the $140.00 fee for mods, this is small change compared to what we all have in our systems. Even a small improvement in the performance of my existing library of CD and SACD will make this one of the few real bargains in high end, provided it is anywhere near as good as claimed. Personally I hope it is true, I am ready for something that makes digital better without spending equal to our nations defense budget to get there.
Hi Albert. I had my mod done by Donnie Smith of NY, it consists of a change to Cards RCA's and some other proprietary items being swapped. Some fellow NY audiophiles compared it to several other guys mods and it literally was in a league all its own. The mod cost $100.00 when I had it done, but it may be like $120.00 or so now (shipping considerations). I am sending my other DIO to the Guy that worked on Brian W's DIO in order to compare the 2 mods. I will report my findings later. Paul is actually the guy that hipped me to the DIO some time ago, before it bacame all the rage on the Web. I think this box is going to and already has embarrassed a good deal of so-called high end companies selling dacs for insane amounts. Heck, now I consider any dac over $250.00 an insane amount. Don's number is 401-463-3099.

Holiday Wishes ALL,

Mike M
brianw, i shorted out the a-to-d in my di/o by inserting 1/4' fone plug to rca adapters into the analog inputs, & running a wire across the rca inputs...

doug s.

Hello Sedond,

I've shorted out the analog inputs, internally, the day that I got the unit. I had mentioned disabling the A to D entirely by disabling the chip, (removing it). Everyone knows that they need to remove the tube for playback (allowing more P.S. for the playback, DAC), this just takes it one step further. No need to feed the chip that you aren't using for playback.