Anyone familiar with Arcam's new rLink DAC?

Wondering if anyone's heard this DAC yet. I was hoping it might be a cost-effective way of upgrading the digital output of my satellite STB (Dish VIP 612) which at the moment relies on the digital decoding in my Meridian 562V. While Meridian's digital module is not bad sounding by any means, it's probably a generation or two behind today's digital processing.
Hi. I got one few days ago because I wanted to upgrade the Burr Brown DAC in my Airport Express. My whole system is ARCAM (CD92-A70+P90), and I thought that the synergy would be OK; in addition, the price for the rLink seems fair.

So far I am liking the rLink very much. It is warmer than the AE unit and less jittery. It is not a night and day difference, but different enough to enjoy the music. I posted an unboxing video in Youtube
Will update as I break it in and get more listening.
Good luck