Anyone familiar with a Perreaux 200P Reference amp

I have an opportunity to purchase a Perreaux 200P Referance amp. I am not familiar with this brand. Is it any good and what is it comparable to? Will use it to drive ML Aureius speakers with a CJ PV 11 preamp.
I owned a 200P which drove Aerial 7B loudspeakers (87db) and found the amp's protection circuitry would shut it down prematurely. It was not a good match, and I ultimately replaced it with a Bryston 4B SST.
I own a Perreaux 200iP Integrated amp. I bought it recently, anyway I immediately took it to a store here where some friends work(Sound Advice, which is a Florida based subsidiary of Tweeter).

Anyway we paired it up with a pair of Martin Logan Odessey speakers(which are a pretty tough load) and cranked up the volume, and play for a couple of hours; again at much louder volumes that I actually listen at home. Anything from Miles Davies, to Buena Vista Social Club, from Queensryche to Metallica with the San Francisco Symphony Orchestra, to Bob Marley.

The setup sounded REALLY good. The amp was able to drive those Martin Logan's with effortless strength...The heatsinks got warmer than they've gotten at home, but it never failed or anything like that. It never strained either...

The bass on Perreaux amplifiers is awesome by the way. In my opinion this things are better than the similarly priced Krell stuff. In fact the Krell KAV300i integrated amp, is a bit more expensive than the Perreaux, and the Perreaux sounded better in my opinion. The 200iP also has a very nice, clean, and extended top end, and a very involving midrange.

Another thing is, construction quality. Perreaux amplifiers are built like battleships.

By the way, if I'm not mistaken, the 200p Amplifier is very similar to the 200iP integrated, minus the preamp section.

I think the CJ-Perreaux Combo sounds like a killer. You can have the smoothness and tube magic from the CJ, plus the ultimate control of your speakers and very extended bandwith of a GOOD solid state amp.

Of course, one can never know till you actually mix them up...

Did you ever buy the Perreaux Amp?? If you did; how did it sound??