Anyone familiar w/Cary SLP-98 preamp?

In my endless search for a relatively affordable tube pre-amp (that would be an upgrade from my VTL TL2.5; no slouch in itself ), I just started considering the Cary SLP-98P. Anyone familiar with this pre-amp? If so, can you make any comparisions to other pre-amps you have owned/heard? The built in phono section is important to me; I'd like something that is quiet & would work well with my (MC) Benz Glider. Thanks!
I found the VTL2.5 to be less microphonic than the CarySLP98, although they were both somewhat objectionable in that respect. But if you *must* have tubes...
Compared to the Golden Tube SEP-2 (or -3) the GTA was much quieter & not at all microphonic. The trouble there is in finding one available.
But I eventually settled on a solid state Accuphase pre which in terms of features, versatility, cool quiet operation, reliability, & NO microphonics beats any tube pre that I've used. It doesn't stage euphonically like tubes do; it's much more accurate.
Steve- Watch for a used Supratek Syrah pre, though owners usually hold onto them or spring for a new one if you can stretch it. Audio Note pre/phono are quite good, though not inexpensive. Also, most MC would require outboard step-up transformers as well. Audio Innovations had similar designs if you can find one of their pre/phono used. The SLP98 just didn't do it for me. I have no doubt that with a few mods and a little tube rolling it would fit my preferences better, but stock it just wasn't resolving and involving enough in my system.
Another option would be to consider mods to your existing VTL. Power supply improvements and other parts upgrades can yield significant benefits and can be more affordable than a new pre-amp. It's just a thought. Good luck.
I have the AE-1 which is a stripped down version without phono, so I can't comment on that. Very nice preamp with a beautiful presentation that is a little tubey (in a nice way). Do a search under slp-98 on for other owner comments.
The SLP 98 is a gem of a preamp. I sold it to get a 2002, then quickly went back to a 98. I compared it to VTL 5.5, VAC Standard Sig, Rogue 99, CJ PV-14, and the Cary was by far the most musical.

They come off and on audiogon quickly, as they are still a touted piece...hence if you see one, buy it.