Anyone familar with the Swan line of speakers?

looking for information on Swan speakers
I believe Swan is former Stereophile contributor Dick Olsher's company.
Raquel, you may be thinking of Samadhi. Swans speakers were made in Canada several years ago, Prince Edward Island to be precise. A company by the same name, not sure if there is any relation but doubtful, has surfaced in the past couple of years with entirely different speakers.

Are you talking about the Swan Divas? They were sold by (no longer, tho) and made in China...
In the early to mid 90's there was a company called Swans that made speakers. They were absolutely fabulous. Dick Olsher did not found the company, but designed one of the speakers they made that was designed to be used with low powered single ended Triode's. I was absolutely in love with the Baton which was their $1800 speaker.

I own and love a pair of 2.1 Dulcets which must be 10 yrs old by now. Cabinets are finished in Formica, and thus rather unpretty, but they are inert and play great music. "The Dynaudio of Canada" back in the day. Check out for a current multimedia offering, and no, I don't know what that means either.
The current Swans are made in China, as Philnyc says, and incidentally if you're looking for a (largish) multimedia or TV speaker, the Swans 200 is probably the best.
If you look at the full range speaker page on there is a long running ad for swan speakers. the website (formerly is now The company was in Canada but moved to California. The speakers are built in china with some components originating in Germany. Now for the important part "How do they sound?" Specifically the 5.2's, 6.1's (foremerly known as Divas) and the M10 Sub. They look nice and they have reviews from sources I am not familiar with but that means very little. Anyone own these, heard these or have any info at all?
Here is the Swan website: that you, Brian?
I am Jeff.
I had the 2.1 about 5 years ago and let me tell you it sounded terrible. I went to and it looks like the same speaker. I always throw it in a thread "got burned not auditioning a speaker" and I should have put it in the worst tweeter thread a few days ago. The treble was so bright and grating it hurt. I got suckered by good looks.
Oh, sorry.
I have the Swan 6.1 mains, and the 3C center....absolutely fabulous sounding speakers. Dont get suckered by the "made in china" stereotype some people may have. I audiotioned several speakers for a long time prior to getting these and they just blew anything its price range away! I chose these over the Rockets 750, the B&W 603 S3, Paradigm Studios, and couple of others. Oh, and did I tell you they look impressive as well...lacquer piano quality finish, heavy, just really nice.

here is the original post when I first started to search:

here is my setup now:

here is my review once I bought them:
Thanks for everyone's responses! The 6.1's are backordered but they are willing to send me 5.1's with the sub and let me switch out when 6.1's arrive in a month or so. Other than return shipping cost they are 100% money back guarnteed. Worth a shot.
I am in China at the moment and just came back from listening to Swans 4.2F main speakers. I was quite impressed with the sound and was about to start a new thread when I stumbled upon this one. They are priced under RMB 2,900.00 here (1USD=8.25RMB) and one of the most well balanced speakers I have heard under USD 500.00. They seem to use an array of smaller speakers to good effect and the construction was at par with the Western built speakers under USD2K.

After doing some research on the net and going thru their literature (incidentally, the only piece of brochure I found in China, that was not written by Confucius in Chinglish) realized that they are the same company as Swans speakers of Canada, who manufacture the famous Swans 2.2 walls. Canadian company now appears to be based in Monterey Park, CA 91754.

I am very curious to know how much the Swans walls will cost in China? Anyone care to venture a guess...less than half the USD 68K price tag in US???
In closing, I received the 5.1's and M10 sub. Excellent. Beautiful finish, sound great. I would recommend these speakers. May still upgrade to 6.1's when they get into stock.