Anyone familar with Snell Type A

Looking to pick up a pair of vintage Snell Type A. Anyone familiar with the sound and value of these puppies. This is the original version, not the Type 111's.
Last time I saw one up for sale ( 6 months ago ) They were listed for $1200 or so..It was in nice condition..Very nice speaker ..Almost bought one myself many years ago..If I remmember correctly the mk3 is easier to drive than the older models,but I think they still like power.....In the right set up they do sound wonderfull I remmember that much.
I heard them with Threshold SA-1 Monos.......and Audio Research SP-11 preamp, Meridian cd player ( ? model )
I own an original pair (1978) that are currently residing at my sister's place. They loved being driven by a Krell KAV 250a / KRC 2 combo when they were with me. I also tried them with a Krell 150a and they were not quite as happy as they like lots of good clean power.
My impressions are as follows:
They are ugly as sin so bear that in mind unless you're single.
They sound wonderful and image like they have no right to being as big and ugly as they are.
Beware of dry rotting of the woofer foam, in 2000/2001 they cost $500 to be redone by Snell. Heck, I may still have the receipt for the work done.
They need lots of room to get the best of them.
They can be bi-amped or bi-wired.
Prices seem to vary with condition etc but well worth it in my opinion.
If it helps, I've owned Vandersteen 2CE's, Signatures, KEF 104/2's, Hales T 5's, Piega P2 LTD's, Three pairs of of Maggies...MMG's, SMGa's, MG 12, and a few others I have forgotten.
If there is anything else I can help you with, I'll be more than happy to try.
Thanks and good luck.
Do a search for snell here on Agon and you'll find a number of threads, there was one just a week or so back.

I have two pair, an AII & AIII. People seem to think they are ugly...I never thought so...they are what they are to sound they way they do. Form following function.

They sound pretty amazing. The better the signal you throw at them the better they sound..they won't be the weak link.

The type AI's would go for $500-$1000 depending on condition. If they are ratty then <$500. A pair of AIIIs in exceptional condition went for $2K on ebay about a month back. Do a completed auction search on ebay as a couple pair were listed in recent weeks.

Last I heard Snell no longer does the woofers (they subbed it out anyway). My AIII's need new foams & TriState Loudspeaker will do the work, if I ever get around to sending them the drivers. The cost is quite modest.

They (AI's) are 86dB sensitive, 4 ohm, 35-18500Hz. They shouldn't be place right on the wall, but can be closer than many speakers.
I have an original pair of Type A's. I bought them in 1977 or 1978. They were expensive for me then, but, actually, they were one of the purchases that convinced me that the prudent thing to do is get what you want the first time and keep it. I've loved them for 30 years and they still sound great. I have a little experience with new speakers, and while I find some of them very good, I think the Snells still sound superbly natural. I still have the original manual. It says: "The Type A loudspeaker must be placed on the floor and against one wall. Any other location will reduce the bass response (though moving the speaker a few inches away from the wall is of little significance)." That makes placement a good deal easier than with many speakers made today, which require placement from two the four feet from a wall. Right now, I'm looking for a series III to go in another room of my house.
I had one of the original (#17 & 18) pair of the Snell Type A speakers. Bought them in 1978 from the original owner for $800 and sold them in 2010 for $500 for a pair of Snell Type A-IIIi that I paid $1500 for. Power the Type A with Kenwood L-05M (100 watts solid state mono amps) for a number of years, before bi-amping them with Kenwood L-07M (150 watts solid state mono amps)for the bass (i.e. top unit)and Sound Values M60 (60 watts mono tube amps) for the mid & tweeter (i.e., top unit). Both speakers sound better bi-amped, and the Type AIIIi sound better then the Type A. If you can find the Type A for $500 or less buy them; otherwise if you can find the Type AIII for $1500 or less go for that. Both speakers are 4 ohms and both speakers improve with bi-amping &/or increased power. I also recommending putting spikes under the speakers and seperating or putting viberpods between the top and bottom units. The speakers are big and so is the sound, but I think they look great.