Anyone familar with Electrocompaniet Amps/Pre Amps

I have recently purchased used 120 DMB amp & a 4.7 pre amp. from a private party. I am trying to find out what system (speakers/interconnects/cd player) etc. would be a real good match. I have BMW P 5"s that I understand need a lot of power. The Electrocompaniet amp does not seam to control the speaker. Maybe its not supposed to. I did recently purchase Nordost Red Dawn XLR for the pre/amp & bi wire for the speakers. Due to its apparently limited distribution its hard to find anyone with any knowledge about these amps. If you have any first hand knowledge...please advise!
I have a 120 amp and the cd player. I have used this amp with the following speakers - Quad 989 (good match) - Eggleston Andras (fair match - could use more power) - Legacy Whispers - (great match). I also used it with my Martin Logan Odysseys in a biamp mode - it handled the top end with great success and clarity. It is now in my bedroom system with a pair of Gershman Acoustic Avant Garde RX 20's - this is a really good match and the most affordable - these speakers really bring it on with this amp.
Talon and Electrocompanient always show together so they harmonize well in combination. The speaker is also easy to drive. The Red Dawn cables should work just fine we use them together all the time. There are plenty of speakers that should work well. Any of the Talon's, the ones mentioned above, the Silverline, Soliloquy, etc.
Congratulations on your Electrocompaniet purchase. They make outstanding products. In my limited experience, this is the closest to tube sound I've heard from solid state. I used to own their ECI-3 integrated. I also owned Simaudio's Moon I-5 at the same time and had fun doing my own little integrated shootout with them. I compared the two amps using ProAc Tablette 50 Signature mini monitors. Not nearly as demanding as your speakers, but it was fun.

The Electrocompaniet gear is well built, and even though they come all the way from Norway I found their tech support to be quick and friendly. Very, very nice stuff. You'll come across some ardent Electrocompaniet fans here on the 'Gon.

Have fun!