anyone familair with North 4.0 or Swans speakers?

I am considering either a Pardigm Titan, North 4.0, or a Axiom m3, anyone have any advice? thanks Nick
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sorry I forgot to mention my associated equiptment, my amp is Audio Refinement the Complete, cd is sony with MSB Dac Link 111, and Nordost wires, thanks Nick

You mentioned Swan's speakers in header, but not in body of message. I'd strongly consider a pair of Diva's. I have the 3.1's (for some reason not advertised on anymore), would recommned the 2.1 with a sub, or one of the floor standers as well.

Not familiar with Norh series, but, while the Paradigm and Axioms are great for the price (I have heard the Paradigms at a store, and own the Axiom's), you can do better for a little more money. I think the Swan Diva's are a steal for the $$, and even the Swan M-1's that Audiogon user "underwoodwally" sells at $499/pr are great. Depending on your room and desired listening level, they may be a bit inefficient, though.

Although not familiar with the Audio Refinement Complete amp, I used to own the YBA Alpha DT, so I imagine there is a good family resemblance. I think you'd do very well with the Diva's, or a smaller monitor like the Silverlines as well. Couple units used here....I have the SR-12's, they are very nice for the small money, but would need a sub to be at their best.

My long 2 cents, hope it helps.

I have not heard the Divas, but I have a pair of Swan M1 speakers and the are very good. I got a great deal on a used pair and wanted to use them as a backup while I tried out more expensive speakers. I have listened to lots of speakers and bought and sold a few. The M1s sound more natural than a lot of very well known monitors. They have very high quality woofers and the ribbon tweeters are wonderful. Many system upgrades and I can always hear the difference through the M1s. I dont know why they are not more popular. One thing though, they take a long time to break in. I use mine well out from the back wall full range with a sub, but they work well close to the wall also. PS, I dont know underwoodwally or work for Swan, just a satisfied owner.
I echo Blkadr's comments 100%! I am very happy with the M1's! Very fast, ultra clear, and smooth and airy at the same time. Exceptional combination for such a low cost, highly recommended especially for near field (6-8 ft) listening.
I just ordered a pair of Swan M1 speakers...couldn't resist going back to near field listening.