Anyone extensively test filters on latest Bricasti

Any users really listen extensively to this vast choice of filter choices? Daunting task.
Yes, and I've discussed them with Brian Zolner from Bricasti. For PCM playback Minimum Phase 0 is the generally agreed upon choice, but in some systems Minimum Phase 2 may be preferred. For DSD the DSD 0 setting is actually unfiltered. It sounds incredibly transparent, but depending upon your system and speaker bandwidth can be troublesome. Ultra high frequencies from the DSD signal being passed through unattenuated can cause damage to some extended frequency tweeters like ribbons. So to be safe I use the DSD 1 filter which is the next most desirable. DSD 2 is more heavily filtered. Hope this helps!
Agree 100% with Bill. :-)

Nice that someone agrees with me on an audio forum! ;~)