Anyone experienced with Rolf Kelch Ref table?

This seems to be an amazing(at least looking)table.A picture can easily be found on the "cartridge for sale" thread,posted by SORA sound!!

It is an evolution on the gorgeous(long since gone)Thorens Reference.A table I have seen,and heard a few times,at trade shows."That" table immediately caught my eye/curiosity.Sounded pretty good too -:)
This "Kelch Ref" simply looks to be an "amazing" product(and alot of machining/personal touch)so, since I am such a fan of "all things audio/intriguing",I was wondering if there are some who have had some exposure here.If so,I envy you!

Dear Sirspeedy: No I never hear/heard it, well I really don't know about this TT till you bring it in this thread.

here it is and looks gorgeous for say the least:

Regards and enjoy the music.
You may also wish to look up Rolf's web site for a great deal of information
Let's try that link again. Hope this works.
Indeed a gorgeous looking turn table. I also inquired about this TT with SORASOUND. Generally I hate gold finish on everything audio, this is done really well! Raul, Thanks for the link.
Been to ALL those threads months ago.One reason I was looking for more info.Thanks for the responses.Maybe we'll "hook" an owner -:)

This table was used at HE-2003 or was it HE-2004 in the Lamm Industries room with the Vitavox corner horns. Very big for sure.
Sirspeedy, why not contact Rolf directly and get the email address of an owner? He seems quite rightly very proud of his work and I'm sure both he and owners would like to discuss their pride and joy with someone as interested and knowledgeable about analogue as you are. I would seem likely to achieve a higher rate of success than the off chance of an owner looking at this thread.
James,"that" was the Thorens REF,not the R.K.R.I began to get curious from that point onward.Yes,the Lamm folks demo with a beauty.

Phaser,unfortunately I am only "kicking tires",just want to see if anything shakes out of my thread.If not I'll file away the input I already have...but...what a gorgeous table!!!!!...Wonder how much it costs???....Maybe Sir Albert Porter is considering it,to replace the "rumored" sale of his Walker -:)
Best to all.
I did listen to such a table when we met at the owners place for our cartridge test (Zyx UNIverse, ATMOS, PC-1, XV-1s and Kondo IO)

There is worse out there :)