Anyone experienced with Emerald Physics speakers?

Looking into purchasing EP 4.7's but it is impossible to hear them anywhere.
I have not heard them but thats Clayton Shaw's old company but he still designs for them I believe. Emerald Physics uses DSP eq for their speakers still while Clayton has moved on to create Spatial Audio that is a open baffle design that does not need DSP to sound wonderful. I would look at Spatial Audio  M4 or M3 models.
I just heard d EP 4.8 and they sounded quite good. Very good detail surprisingly powerful Punchy Bass and a large detailed soundstage. My listening time with them wasn't that long at the dealer, approximately 30 minutes.
Does anybody have experience with this model?

Yeah I only heard them once but I was quite impressed. I'd consider owning them if the missus lets me place them out into the room a bit.