Anyone experienced speed issues with Artemis Labs SA-1?

Hi guys.
I was listening for several hours and then out of blue on the last record the speed started slowing down and back and then down again. I had zero issues in my 2 years or so of ownership. Used in an all Artemis lab system.

I used my cell phone to measure (after stopping and removing the record) and it showed around 32 rpm first which then - after a few revolutions_ dropped to 30.
Wondering if anyone had the same issue and figured out the fix.
The issue could be the cell phone app.  It stinks.  Does the music have unstable pitch?  Many have reported "problems" with speed after measuring rpm with the cell phone app. Apparently, a measurement of 32 rpm is not outside of the margin of error of the app.
no it is actually the TT unfortunately.
I use the Eagle/Roadrunner from Phoenix Engineering with one of my other TTs. I know exactly what the difference is on the app and the actual rpm. The app was just to assess the drop in rpm which is about 2.0 change. Extremely audible change and slooooowing down of the music.....
I have an SA-1 and have had one instance of a speed glitch but it was half a year ago and hasn’t recurred. I’ve also had two belts go but the second one was my fault as I’d put the splicing tape on the coated side.
It was weird as it happened after a few LPs.
I did not listen since then, but checked the speed with the cell phone app and it did not drop.
I will listen tonight again and see if it will re-occur.