Anyone experience with Rogers EHF 100 integrated amp?

Feedback on Rogers High Fidelity EHF 100 please.
Hi Eddy1 - just received my used ehf-100 mk2 today and it's wonderful. I've just started to listen but my initial thoughts are very dynamic, powerful and highly musical. Nice rich overall tone but very revealing. Sold my much more powerful integrated recently and the Rogers seems to drive the speakers with more oomph. This thing is built like a tank. Very impressed so far. Hope others can chime in also.
Thank you shaksfan,  I was hoping to see some feedback on it but nothing show up here so I just ordered Cary SLI80 last Friday.  I sold my amp two weeks ago and I have nothing to listen to it now.  I am not a patience guy so I ordered SLI80.  I like lifetime warranty with Rogers and they are using teflon coated wire.  Don't know if I made a right decision for SLI80 instead of Rogers elf-100 mk2.
Can't compare the two amps. Cary is better known and regarded highly in these forums. Very happy with the Rogers so far. I hope you enjoy the Cary amp. 
shaksfan, good to hear that you are happy with your Rogers.  Got my Cary yesterday and listen to it for one hour and not happy with it.  My ARC LS7 preamp and Acurus amp sound MUCH MUCH better.  But I guess it need to break in as Spencer told  me.  The transformers running hot, hear buzzing sound(not really a buzzing sound but not sure what is the word to describe the sound) from the tubes while music on or off, not sure if the sound is normal for Cary or this type of tubes but my old Conrad Johnson Premier 11A amp never make any sound from the tube.
Eddy1 - sorry to hear that you are not happy. The Rogers - so far - is dead quiet. I've not owned a CARY product, but the noise you are describing doesn't sound "normal" for a fully functioning tube amp. Did you buy used or new? 

Hopefully someone else may be able to chime in that has more experience with CARY products. 
I bought it brand new and will call Cary on Monday.  After 15 hrs of pink noise, sound quality is a bit better now.  

Found out the problem that noise came from two of 5U4GBEH Rectifiers tubes and two of 6922EH Input Buffer Preamp tubes.  This Cary SLI-80 is brand new in the box but wondering why tubes are bad.  One 6922 make noise more than other 6922.  
Eddy, Neither 6922 should make ANY audible noise.

Who is the dealer and did they say if they tested the tubes before shipping you the amp? Cheers,
Hello Spencer,

I bought it from bidconnections on here and he is a Cary dealer.  He requested Cary Audio to ship me those tubes for replacement and I just pm him to ask Cary to test the tubes before they ship them out to me.

That's good. The dealer really should have tested the tubes before shipping you the amp. Hopefully he will make sure you get what you paid for. Cheers,
Just talked to Cary tech, he asked me if I want 5AR4 instead of 5U4 Rectifiers tubes because 5AR4 got more bass.  What do you think?
Sound is much much better than the first time than I turned on.  Very happy with Cary SLI80 but will never buy anything from Cary again due to bad customer service from Steve at Cary Audio.  bidconnections(where I bought SLI80 on here) provided very good service to solve tubes problem.