Anyone experience the Magnepan Tri Center

I have a pair of 1.7i's which I use for 2 channel listening and Home Theater.  I have the MGCC3 center, and a pair of MC1's. Currently using the MC1's for Back surrounds in a 7.2 system. I find the MGCC3  lacking clarity. Voices aren't clear, seems to roll off lacking highs. I am very interested in trying Magnepans Tri Center. I emailed Magnepan to get an explanation on how to set this up but was advised by Mr. Diller I would have to call. Unfortunately  due to a medical condition I cannot speak on the phone. I'm wondering if any of you are using this set up or tried it, or have any experience with it.  if so, maybe you could give me some direction how to set it up. I have a drop down screen which measures 109" wide, so the 2 flanking speaker would be fairly wide apart. any assistance or tips would be greatly appreciated. Thanks

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Would this Planar Speaker Asylum Forum thread help, especially the experience of jd Audiophile, whose Tri-Center setup is pictured on the Tri-Center page of the Magnepan website?
thanks for the post johnnyb.   seems like a pretty lame forum with no responses, unless no ones heard of the tri center.  that's probably it , they only listen in 2 channel.  thanks again
Just saw the pic of the tri center set up johnnyb, really appreciate it!  I just trying to figure out how to wire it up, interconnect wise. splitters? and such from the Pre Pro center channel, etc
just read all the discussions on the forum from 2014.sounds like it can be an expensive and discouraging proposition. Magnepan is not much help either. I had wanted to set it up for H T purposes only. I listen to my music in 2 channel and most time with out a sub. I love the 1.7's. I have the MMG's for side surrounds and the MC1's for rear surrounds and CC3 for center. (have a MMGC center collecting dust).  I was going to bring the MC1' up front for the tri center but I think I'm going to leave it as it is.  Thanks again!    PS: can u think of any use for the MMGC?
I’m interested in an update... how did you resolve?
So.... I have the MMGW and MMGC.
I wired the 'W' in series and then paralleled them with the "c" .... all connected to the center channel output of my Anthem MRX-700.

It works great!  The voices are extremely clear... 100% better than the MMGC by itself.