Anyone experience Cala Mighty Sound Denon 103's.

I've dealt with the French outfit Cala Mighty Sound a couple of times and have had great experiences. In fact I've recently ordered a Schick plinth for my Garrard 301 which I'm looking forward to. Does anyone here own or have heard one of their Denon 103/103R rebuilds? Looks like they put a good deal of work into them. Thanks.

I am planning to send them a Denon 103R and have the .four modification perfomed. I don't know if I want to stick with Denons former or go with there square former. 
You might want to ask them the mass of their various Body options just to make sure it does not effect your arms compliance.

They should be in the ballpark of the various Soundsmith  options

The malachite does look very nice :-)

Keep us posted as to how they work out

Yes yes please let us know what you think. In my case I'd probably want their heaviest body as I'd like it try it on my 4-point, and Kuzma's own cartridges are 17g.

I will let you know, I'm about to send it off to them. I'm going for the .3 mod as that is what they recommended I do.
Did you get it back yet @audiofun ? I sent a 103 to Cala and will hopefully be getting it back next week in its new malachite body. 
I have owned a DL103 with malachite body,saphire   cantilever and microridge stylus some time ago, which sounds wonderfull with an audiomods series v tonearm.
The service from Cala Mighty Sound was perfect.

Your timing is uncanny as I have, of late, been thinking of contacting Ana Mighty Sound (the firm has officially changed heir name) in order to ready my 103R for shipment. 

Im looking forward to hearing this unit compared the a stock 103R. I'm about to order a new 103R so that it is broken in when the modified 103R returns.

Ill post once I have the unit in house and it has been put through its paces.
FYI, I am planning to send this cartridge off to Ana Mighty Sound this coming weekend. I 've been busy with work and other audio projects (bought a Reel to Reel system). I ordered a new 103R today so that it will be fully run in by the time the 103.3 returns and I can do a real comparison. 
I just got around to sending my cartridge off today.  I am ordering another LP Zupreme head shell so I can compare the new stock 103R I purchased to listen to while the other is being modified.  When the 103.3 returns, I'll compare them both (stock to modified) and report my findings. 
Looking forward to the reports. Big fan of the 103 series and always interested in new "flavors". 
Please see the mini preview I wrote on my newly received Ana Mighty Sound 103.3 cartridge.