Anyone experience Cala Mighty Sound Denon 103's.

I've dealt with the French outfit Cala Mighty Sound a couple of times and have had great experiences. In fact I've recently ordered a Schick plinth for my Garrard 301 which I'm looking forward to. Does anyone here own or have heard one of their Denon 103/103R rebuilds? Looks like they put a good deal of work into them. Thanks.

I am planning to send them a Denon 103R and have the .four modification perfomed. I don't know if I want to stick with Denons former or go with there square former. 
You might want to ask them the mass of their various Body options just to make sure it does not effect your arms compliance.

They should be in the ballpark of the various Soundsmith  options

The malachite does look very nice :-)

Keep us posted as to how they work out

Yes yes please let us know what you think. In my case I'd probably want their heaviest body as I'd like it try it on my 4-point, and Kuzma's own cartridges are 17g.