Anyone ever use Spectral without MIT?

I know that Spectral mandates that their amps be used with their preamps and MIT cables in order to have warrenty on it. Has anyone ever tried a Spectral amp without their matching preamp or MIT cables such as with a Wadia's digital output into a Spectral amp?
Why waste your time with Spectral in any shape or form? You might as well try dry shaving.
actually I think spectral and MIT had a falling out and now they won't even warranty their gear if it fails while MIT stuff is hooked up to it. MIT colors and softens the sound like an EQ might do. so without MIT it may be a little bright but that just means you'll have to match the front end better. STOP TRASHING SPECTRAL. that didn't answer his question. IF you didn't like spectral then you didn't match the gear right.
Yo Phil Spectral not good enough for you so what is cheessee Krell or Levinson give me a break....LOL
Kacz, anyone who has a clue in this hobby dislikes Spectral. Most Spectral gear is significantly overpriced and sounds like hi-fi, not music. If I want hi-fi, I can simply buy inexpensive gear and save thousands of dollars. Your reaction to my comments suggests that you currently have Spectral junk that you are trying to unload.
Trraudio, you must be an idiot. Spectral is one of the worst values in all of audio, unless you like your music to sound like the inside of a Spectral component looks. Better sell that junk fast before the few idiots who might buy it wake up!
OK PHILL take it easy. I don't have spectral gear. They probably wouldn't be a good match for my thiels. But I have heard there stuff and still think it sounds amazing when matched correctly.
Geez Phill, I have neither Thiels or Spectral, so stick a pacifier in it unless you can directly answer Tbonephile's question. Or would be too ADULT for you?
If any company mandates what you need to use with its gear,your first reaction should be ti run as far away from the stuff as you can.MIT is expensive crap to start with.So know i have to buy this stuff if i want a warantty on the amp.I am sorry but there sure are a lot of gulible people in this hobby if they actually buy this junk.These guys are taking the fun out of being a file.Rolling gear is what fun.RUN RUN as fast as you can and if you got stuck with this product give me a call.I have a tract of swampland to sell you.