Anyone ever us V Caps capacitors in Amps?

Heard great things about them and thinking about replacing the CCR caps in my Art Jota.
Thinking of doing the same on my Tenor 75WP's, so I'm looking forward to responses, also. (Although they have about 25 cap's in each, so that ain't gonna be cheap.)
Response Audio uses them in their modded Antique Sound Labs Extreme Hurricanes
Joe Fratus of Art Audio recently told me that he's testing the teflon V Caps in some of his amps with good results. I'm using an Art Audio Diavolo, so I'm also interested.

Tests won't be completed for several weeks though. I suggest you contact Joe. You know him, he loves to share info on his great products.
While this has nothing to do with V Caps which I have heard are some of the finest available it does have to do with capacitor breakin. I have a very fine solid state amp very simple in circuit path and made with extremely fine parts. There has recently been some upgrades all of which made much difference.The most recent upgrade should have made the the numbers would say, however it has made the most and can alter the presentation of what is seen and heard. It has to do with the grounding scheme at the input stage...a cap was added though the math said it wasn't needed, anyway this cap took well over 100 hours to breakin. Everyday the amp sounded different from great to terrible to edgy to great again and even better. I had to be patient with this added and improved that was to make only a subtle difference. Now we have upgraded to a much better cap made of several smaller caps in parallel. With this scheme after another 100 hours or so of further breakin I can evaluate not only the new film cap but also the value.I can clip out one of the four small caps and listen to the performance difference with progressively overall smaller cap value. I do have to listen and wait for over 100 hours for the cap to settle in. Perhaps after more listening evaluation of .uf and film type I will try the V Cap and another brand also highly thought of the M Cap.. So after all that written, patience is a virtue, it really takes many hours to listen to the final and true changes a part may make in a radical highly tuned listening machine. Tom
I think that Steve Huntely from Great Northern sound may also be a fan of the new V cap, you might check with him 651-762-8333 to see what modes he is doing with it. I just had my MFA D-75 moded by him and I am astounded with what a 75 watt push pull amp is capable of!! Dynamics and resolution are just a few of the things that have changed,3-d imaging is so papable and real that it becomes breathtaking on the better recordings. In fact even the poor recordings sound amazingly musical and better than I thought possible.I really think that GNSC has a very finite skil both in modding and more importantly in voicing of the piece of equipment. If you have the urge to hear what your equipment can do modded,give Stevo a call and see if he is up to the task. Take care Dennis
I have added v caps to my audioprism mantissa pre

I'm very happy with the results thus far

The v caps are expensive but in the end they truly are worth it to my ears
I just put a pair of V-Caps in my AA Capitole mk II. The caps are breaking-in right now.
I added a combination of V-Caps and Mundorf caps in my Supratek Grange (preamp) and it is worth every dollar to me. The dynamics and transients are spectacular.