Anyone ever try to toe-out?

Before I screw around with spiked speakers on this a nutty thing to try on one side to even out the soundstage? Due to unavoidable reflections, one speaker is overly prominent compared to the other.
I already have a thread going in which all kinds of folks offered other help/solutions/ideas around this situation. Thank you, all. Lots of things to try.
I'm just curious about this one question. Anyone ever experiment with toeing out to cut down an overly prominent side?
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Yeah no that won't work. Geez. Should be like Audio 101 test or something with a score attached to every post so you can go zero, nevermind. If it was fixed so easily believe me everyone would be doing it.
There was some talk a while back in one of the Tekton DI threads where some tried towing them out just as you are describing and a few liked the outcome. Worth a shot. 
what happened to just trying it and reaching your own conclusion.....?????? 
My podiatrist recommended against it.  
You have other issues going on, not quite what to say that we didn't say in the other thread.