Anyone ever try to toe-out?

Before I screw around with spiked speakers on this a nutty thing to try on one side to even out the soundstage? Due to unavoidable reflections, one speaker is overly prominent compared to the other.
I already have a thread going in which all kinds of folks offered other help/solutions/ideas around this situation. Thank you, all. Lots of things to try.
I'm just curious about this one question. Anyone ever experiment with toeing out to cut down an overly prominent side?
Use an attenuator on the one channel to even them out. Any other solution will introduce undesirable outcomes. 
Yeah no that won't work. Geez. Should be like Audio 101 test or something with a score attached to every post so you can go zero, nevermind. If it was fixed so easily believe me everyone would be doing it.
There was some talk a while back in one of the Tekton DI threads where some tried towing them out just as you are describing and a few liked the outcome. Worth a shot. 
what happened to just trying it and reaching your own conclusion.....?????? 
You have other issues going on, not quite what to say that we didn't say in the other thread. 
Wouldn’t toeing out cause the speaker closer to the wall have more reflections?  Toeing your speakers in helps reduce first reflections and vice versa.

If you have reflections so bad by one speaker that its causing the entire soundstage to shift, your best bet is buying some gik 244 or 242 panels
High frequencies of a speaker fall off when siting off axis.  If you toe your speskers out in a small room you are essentially cutting the high frequencies a bit and getting quite a bit of reflections which you might find pleasing.

I prefer to treat the room well with gik acoustic products in addition to having my setup in as ideal location as possible then at the end I apply room correction software.  Just using the software to take measurements has been very helpful in setting up my system to sound better just through speaker location and room treatments.  

My setup has an extremely solid center image and pretty decent depth.  I sacrificed some width in my soundstage in order to get a more focused center image with full, fleshed out, palpable vocals.
Thanks for all the help.Let me respond to a couple of people who seem to have questions.  I tried putting 1 foot in and 1 foot out and shaking it all about, but it turns out the hokey pokey is an ineffective strategy for equalizing soundstage.As to why I haven’t simply experimented, and instead I’ve started an unnecessary thread: I have spikes on the speaker, they are quite heavy, I’m older with a bad back, and I am uncommonly lazy. If someone can tell me something in a forum instead of me having to go try it, I’ll pursue that option. On the other hand, if this strategy annoys people, I’ll stop.
As I mentioned in my original email, I was just wondering if anyone had tried toeing out, not currently wondering about  all the other things I could do, which my other thread has made me aware of.
I figured that toeing out was a stupid idea and three or four people would tell me so and that would be that.So I hope I haven’t wasted anyone’s time with this. I just don’t have anyone to talk to that has an interest in audiophile stuff (my wife makes fun of me when I talk about speakers now), so forums are my outlet, and these days I guess I need more outlets than usual.
I don’t think toeing them out is a good idea and agree with @b_limo that toeing them in would make more sense.  If you can’t move the speaker further away from the side wall you can try some absorptive material on the wall at the reflection point or use the balance control (if you have one) if all else fails.  Best of luck. 
No need to apologize M6!  Not many audiofools out there to share the hobby with, hence this forum!

You could get a few panels from gik for $200 delivered and just use them in the corner where the speaker is.  
Also, I get the bad back thing.  Its easy to adjust toe.  Just lift the speaker up on one spike and spin, then put back down.  You can even walk a speaker around depending on which spike you rotate from.

I’m pretty sure I’m the one who suggested those Atc’s to you...  Thanks for taking my advice; good to see it doesn’t fall on deaf ears.  How are you liking them?
I LOVE the ATCs. They totally exceeded my expectations by obviously improving everything from my elderly KEFs. Thank you so much. I don’t think I would’ve happened upon them on my own.
Nothing I’ve written in any of these posts represents a complaint about the sound that’s emerging  from the speakers, regardless of my quest to make things perfect, given the room, my ears, and any neurotic concerns that are driving my posting.
M6, thats how we all are. Once you really start getting somewhere soundwise it becomes even more fun to see how far you can take it.

Learning to be a more attentive listener and enjoying all kinds of music is how you really enjoy your stereo though.  Getting lost in the music is what makes everything else worth it.

What is your front end?  Amp, preamp, dac, source?

Those Atc’s are amazing snd will improve soundwise as you go further up the chain with your front end equipment.  Those ATC’s wouldn’t be out of place with $20k worth of gear driving them.

I’ve got a musical fidelity A308 integrated and an audio engine D2 DAC with a wireless sender and receiver. I’m sending out Deezer streaming from my Mac to the DAC.
i’m really happy with the amp and the speakers. I think they are a good match. And I think the DAC is a really good value and sounds a lot better than one might think.
Nice!  That MF integrated is nice 👍

you put together a really nice setup for not too much $.  Granted its still a nice chunk of change but for what you have and what you have invested, you’ve got a nice setup.

Anyhow, enjoy and good luck getting her all dialed in!  
Thanks, B.
It’s always good to get validation about something based on a realm I’m not exactly an expert in. Or at least I wasn’t When I started the process of putting something together.
Actually, toeing out as far as you can without loosing solid center fill will increase dynamics and open up the soundstage.  Need to address side wall reflections of course.