Anyone ever seen or heard a Cary Audio CD-302 ?

I have picked up a CD-302 Cary Audio cd player (non tube)and I seem to be the only person that has ever heard of it! I have contacted Cary, and they have no information on it. If anyone can help me , I would love to know more about it. It sounds fantastic! It is a HDCD player. thanks
>>>I have contacted Cary, and they have no information on it.

That would make me a little nervous if I were in your shoes. However, they do have the owner's manual available for download on their site, so it must have been a real product at some point.
They seem to have an owners manual, but all of their information is incorrect.They think that this is a tube unit and they also think that this has 18 bit converters but I can clearly see that this is a 20 bit unit with I beleive the 1702 chips.I was told that this unit was the exact unit that was submitted as the test unit for HDCD to pacific microsonics for certification as an HDCD PLAYER?
Anyone else heard of this? I cant hardly believe that they dont know about this unit when they produced it? It has the styling of some of their current units. thanks again Glen
Ever heard of Google? i just did a search and the manual was the first link.
thanks tholt, for that revelation! LOL i have seen the owners manual and this is NOT a tubed unit. my main goal is to see if someone has actually owned one or seen one. Cary has been of little assistance and has no information on remote codes etc. It would be cool if someone has an opinion on the sound of this unit since I like it very much!I would also like to get a remote for it although Cary has no info on a remote.
There has been well over 100 hits on this thread and no one else has ever seen one? Just seems weird to me .thanks
not sure what to make of that. the company that made the unit

a) hasn't heard of it
b) has a manual of it but it's not what you have

why dont you send them pics of the unit and a serial #. the lack of input on this thread seems to be a sign. That you like the sound so much may be the only thing you're ever sure of. i assume you asked the seller for more info? ill watch for your name when you sell it... your write up should be interesting!
I really hate to knock a company like this, but they dont seem to be willing to help at all.To be more specific, I contacted them a few different times by phone,Gerald I beleive is his name, was very freindly, but could offer no info , other than he had a copy of an owners manual and a schematic diagram that were both incorrect. The manual, that you can get from Google (yes I have heard of that)claims to be a tube player, mine is not( I suspect they may have been available in both forms(smart huh?)
The schematic (per Gerald) listed the unit as a 18 bit converter and mine is clearly 20 bit.They have no info on remote codes,remote availability, parts availability or even a manufacturing date? (OR EVEN YEAR).
I wrote them the other day to see about changing the front panel buttons to a brighter color(the unit is black and the buttons are black and very hard to see when the lights are low), and I got a response back and all they email said was..."those are not available"Not even a "thanks for your inquiry" or, "we are glad that you use our products" or even "stop bothering us " LOL..
By the way I think my ad may read as follows...FOR SALE THE INFAMOUS CARY AUDIO CD 302..THE BEST KEPT SECRET IN AUDIO!!!!!!!!!! I dont think they care enough to even bother to try and figure out whats up.
I just hope it never breaks!Glen
Best kept secret -- good one. I've dealt with Gerald before via email, he is cryptic. But at least he replies, which is better then some.

i would try the picture route and maybe a follow up phone call.
Have you tried speaking to Dennis Had? This sounds incredible to
would think the Cary personnel would at least be curious about their own
I bought one used about 8 years ago and still sound good and it build like a tank.