Anyone ever seen a Krell KSA 150 with black face?

Just bought a Krell KSA 150 here on Agon with a black face. I have only ever seen them with the standard anthracite face before. The amp is probably still listed in the classifieds. Has anyone seen or heard of this or is it truly an odball? Maybe a custom order? I saw a KSA 250 for sale somewhere online with gold handles and gold heatsinks. The seller claimed it was a special order. Any FB appreciated!
No, but I've seen a few owners with a long face.
(Apologies, but could not resist this )
Yup, I have seen a KSA 250, MDA 500 and the KSA 150 all in black. The Krell dealer back then use to basically only stock the black faced Krell as he thought it had a greater WAF and also made the amps less imposing.
The black face units were only ofered for a year or two tops. It definately is not common.
Yes, I owned an all Black KSA 150 a few years back. It was very striking looking compared to the usual Gray face/ black top/heat-sink amp. I sold it only to go to tubes.
O.K. Good information. I gotta admit looks are very important and I never liked the KSA 150 /250 handles. Their flushness seems functionally useless and at 100 lbs. handles that are useful are a good thing. In black the handles look much nicer, IMO.
You probably bought mine! who knows.
I have a pair of KMA-400s with black faces and I love the look of them. It makes them look more subtle, and more refined.