Anyone ever see a speaker with spun copper ports with full range driver?

Came across Looks like interesting design.
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You do realize the use of copper is purely aesthetic? They need the looks to distract from the fact there's nothing new here.
I think I've seen machined metal in Wilsons?

The most interesting functional design of a port I've seen were dimples on the B&W ports.
Spotted them on the Primaluna instagram. I guess they’re looking to minimize phase distortion without the crossovers.
Machining them would be much more precise. I watched the video on their website that showed the crude spinning process. Those things are not very precise at all. It looks like they use spun copper because the skill was in the family, not because there is any actual benefit.
I can't speak to the copper port, but I have a pair of DNAs with the Alpair 10p and I love them. Terrific driver.