Anyone ever replaced The AR motor?

I have an AR TT made in 1984, the model is The AR. The motor seems to have gone bad as it makes a grating sound whether the belt is on or off. I thought maybe the spindle needed to be lubed but took the platter and belt off and still had the same sound. It also seems to run alittle slow. Anyway I took the base out of the plinth to see what I have to deal with and found that the pulley (on top of the base) and the motor (under the base) are attached by the shaft of the motor and there seems to be no set screw, clip or clamp of any kind that holds them together. The shaft appears to have some glue that may hold things in place. Anyway, if anybody knows how to take this apart, I would love to know how without breaking anything. Thanks,
I have seen replacement motors on eBay, on and off, many times.
Lots of stuff about this on Audioasylum under vinyl. You may never leave AA. Motor is available from Hurst. Problem is getting the capstan off the shaft. On your model it is glued, I think. I have the AR ETL ONE and, I have read, that it is on that model, somehow, heat set, making its removal a trip and a half. Seems TWL did not answer this because he can't put in a plug for Teres... or maybe he will, Ha!