Anyone ever refoam Bose 901's?

Wife brought home a pair the other day (garbage picking again)...I pulled the covers and the foam surrounds are not in good condition....cracks in at least 4.

I may hang them up in the garage?....maybe not. I found some repair kits at Ebay...pretty cheap, $50 for 18 drivers?
HeHe...ya, she is always bringing computer, and audio components home. She knows I like to tinker with worthless projects...anything that doesn't amount to a worth while project equals me (-:

Actually I had a pair of 901s in the 80s. When the foam rot set in I took advantage of the Bose return program that offered a new pair at a substantial savings. I then sold the new pair without opening the boxes.
I have some 301's and 501's that needed re-foam. Fairly simple... There is a guy on ebay that will sell you exactly what you need. They are not generic kits but factory surrounds. Just take your time and follow the directions. One option is to find a pair of no name worthless speakers and practice so you are familiar with the process. That way you are comfortable when you start. The other is you can send them to a reputable repair person. I can send you a link if you are interested. They also have repair kits you can buy direct so you don't have to screw around with ebay.

Check out simplyspeakers dot com. They have rebuild kits for the 901 and instructions that show how to replace without even removing the drivers!

Many companies sell the re-foaming kits. I myself have has good luck using a company called Simple Speakers. Their Bose 901 kit cost about $70, and has 18 foam surround. Btw replacing the foam surrounds is pretty simple, just take your time and follow instructions.

One question, when your wife found these speakers, did they have the Bose equalizer with them?
Thanks guys...I looked at the instructions and it looks pretty easy....mostly time consuming (I'm retired though). My garage is 28'x 28'...I think they will be good for what I need out there. I have an old Sansui Au-717 integrated amp, and Sansui TU-717 tuner....I listen to mostly radio out there....classic rock.


No, no EQ with them. Thats the first thing I asked my wife "did you get the eq for them?"....she didn't.

Looks like $50 for the repair kit (factory cloth surrounds), and another $100 for an EQ at around $200 would do it.

I'll kick it around.

I had the 901's with The Sansui 717's. I also refoamed the 901's. All of this many moons ago-good memories. The refoaming is slow but meditative. Your garage will be a fun place to hang out. Enjoy it
I had my original pair of 901 Series IIIs refoamed a few years ago including new Spiders by speaker repair man extrordinaire, Bill Legall at Miller Sound in Lansdale, Pa. And this may sound like heresy to Audiophile purists but they sound amazing. He works magic on any speaker from Accoustats, Vintage Fishers, ARs and even Infinity IRS Vs' and yes EVEN Bose speakers. If you need his phone number send me an email.
Makes me consider going into attic and giving my pair of 901s a listen.

Then again, I can think of better things to do.
You need to be sure you get the proper EQ for the series of 901s you have. They're not all the same.
Thanks guys, I've been doing a little reading. I found out that the series 3 or 4 EQ will work with these....nothing else. I'm not going to pay over $100 for one....I'll have to play the Craigslist, E-bay game, until I snag one.

Well, I started messing with the foam today...only took about 1/2 hour to strip one speaker...stuff comes right off.

I bought a repair kit also...$56 shipped, for the life time cloth repair kit. I got good news on that, you do not need to pull the drivers. That alone, will save a few hours!

Thanks for help, and the tips guys...

I got the new surrounds today...tried them for fit, and they fit perfect. This is going to be easy.

One note: The front grill is stapled on with six in each corner, and one in the middle, at each side. It took me a while to figure it out, very little info on the web regarding this...and the access slot between the grill and the cabinet is very narrow.

You need to use a slim tool, with a broad and curved end that will get behind the grill at the staple points, and slowly pry up. You also need to protect the wood cabinet as you pry...I used a thin piece of cardboard between the wood and the pry bar....a little bit tricky because you don't want to break the plastic grill.