Anyone ever purchased tubes from

My tube amps will need re-tubing soon, the output tubes (6C33C) are quite costly if purchased from US retailers. offered very good price, though shipping is very expensive but still cheaper than US retailers.

Anyone has experience buying from Are they reliable? They don't take paypal, so I am concerned.

Are there other sources for 6C33C? I will not touch ebay, I had very bad experiences last time.
after nearly a day, no post. I guess that means no one ever bought from

if that's the case, I should stay away as well.
I was researching 6C33C tubes and found this older thread. GStube is still around and was wondering if anyone had any dealings with them recently? In all these years has anyone purchased tubes from GStube? If so what were your thoughts on the tubes and the seller? Where does one find 6C33C tubes for sale in the US? I've checked Jim McShane's site as well as Brent Jessee and couldn't find 6C33C tubes available on there.
Thanks and advise when you can.
Upscale Audio has them for $49.95 each. Don't know if that's a good price but they're an upright firm I've dealt with for the last 15 years.

Try here:

Hope this helps.
Thanks Joe for the lead. I've bookmarked the site for future reference. The tubes are a lot more expensive than ordering from gstube or rutubes dot com but the peace of mind from buying from UpScale is an added bonus.